Diana Lehr brings into view micro-realities and things that often go unnoticed. Incorporating illusion and the defining line between what is real and what is not, her work points to the unconscious realm. Using carefully created components of perception, she delivers a visual experience, and a physiological one as opposed to a narrative or an abstract idea.

Upon graduating from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Diana was awarded a traveling scholarship that she used to travel to Hawaii. The light and dynamic quality of phenomena there had a strong influence on her artistic journey. As her subject matter began to move toward the interplay between the elements, her mediums expanded beyond painting, to include video and working directly with light.

Her work is in numerous private and corporate collections and has been exhibited in New Orleans, San Diego, Philadelphia, Seattle, NYC, Los Angeles and Honolulu.

In 2017 a clip from her video, Midsummer Night’s Dream, went viral on multiple platforms, aired/posted by ABC News, GMA, Telegraph UK, The Australian, Bioluga TV, Unilad, Green Renaissance and others, garnering upwards of 68 million FB views.