James Turrell Interview

I recently had the honor and pleasure of interviewing James Turrell about his incomparable art for The Art World Demystified on Yale Radio.

James shares discusses how he got started, what motivates him and other fascinating details about his life and art: James Turrell interview.

Documentary in Production

Below is the promo for a documentary on the life and work of my late father, Paul Lehr that I am involved with. It is still in production and is expected to be completed in late 2016 or sometime in 2017. Danny Miller is directing the film.

THE VISIONARY WORLD OF PAUL LEHR is a landmark documentary that will explore the life of one of the most important science fiction artists of the 20th century. Featuring interviews with pioneering artists, filmmakers and illustrators of the science fiction art-form the documentary will celebrate the golden age of science fiction and reveal how Paul Lehr's work continues to influence film and art in the new century.

Video Installation Montage

Below is a montage of clips from an installation created in July 2015 at the launch of Gallery Eleven Eleven in Ft. Lauderdale. Sean DeFreitas, Gallery Eleven Eleven’s mastermind and owner, provided the technical support needed to make it possible.